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Our hop rhizomes come from a clean hop farm located in Olathe, Colorado so they are not prone to fungus or disease.

Cascade is an aroma hop used in IPA’s, American Pale Ales, porters and others. Its aroma is often compared to grapefruit.

Centennial hops are similar to cascade but a little lighter on the citrus aroma. They can be dual purpose as they also have a mid to high bittering value. These hops are often used in Pale Ales and Amber Ales.

The Chinook hop is also a dual purpose hop with a heavy aroma and a more spicy bouquet. Theses hops are great for season ales and darker beers but can also be used in IPA’s or American Pales Ales.

Crystals are aroma hops, with spicy and floral aroma. They are used in IPA’s, pilsners and lagers.

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